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Favorite Websites

These are some of my favorite websites. I have lots of diverse interests (an understatement, actually) and, in my spare moments, I like to surf around to all sorts of unusual locations in the cyber realms. These are among my most frequent stopping-off points. Many, many hours well wasted have been spent at these sites.
The internet’s largest resource for information on the history of Chicago's rapid transit system.

Kayfabe Memories
The best website and message board on the history of professional wrestling’s old regional territorial system.

Country Standard Time
A great resource for country music news, feature articles, and record reviews.

Jewish World Review
Links to dozens of political and religious columnists and web pages.

Jefferson County Humane Society
The wonderful folks who run our county’s volunteer shelter for domestic animals.

All Japan Archive
An awesome video archive of every important match in the history of the world’s greatest professional wrestling promotion, with content dating back to the 1960s.

National Caves Association
Links to information and websites for almost every show cave in the United States.

Political analysis and commentary on espionage, terrorism, and security from Israeli intelligence sources; a controversial site with great archives.

Anti-Defamation League
The official website of the ADL, with the internet’s deepest archives of intel and general information on anti-Semitism and hate groups, as well as loads of up-to-date detail on civil rights, religious freedom, terrorism, and international security issues.

The International Center for Reiki Training
The best Reiki site on the web, with over 350 pages and 150 articles on anything and everything related to Reiki, and healing in general.

Library of Congress
The largest library in the world and, by far, the best online catalogue to search for bibliographic information; an indispensable tool for academic researchers.

Libertarian Party
The official website of America’s third largest and fastest growing political party.

The Church of the SubGenius
The world according to the followers of J.R. “Bob” Dobbs.

Divrei Torah
A page of links to about a zillion different archived commentaries on the weekly Torah portion; lots of dead links lately, as the site needs updating.

Rotten Tomatoes
The largest and most famous archive of film reviews.
News and perspectives on Reform Judaism, a nice blog, and links to just about every Reform/Liberal/Progressive Jewish website and organization.
One-stop access to the latest U.S. Government information on the one most likely cause of the end of the world as we know it; a candy store of a website for anyone interested in infectious disease epidemiology.


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